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What's the real probability of winning that contract?

Win more often, save time and money, and grow your business by calculating the most accurate probability of win (PWIN) for RFPs and government contracts

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Key Features

Reads and extracts data from documents so you don't have to

WinOptix uses natural language processing to read RFIs, RFPs, and other documents and extract important data inputs to calculate your PWIN.

Aggregates and analyzes multiple sources of data

WinOptix ingests data from multiple sources, such as contract awards data, CRM systems, social media sites, and more, to create the most data-driven, accurate PWIN.


Recommends what you need to do to win

WinOptix provides insight into the important factors of your PWIN and what you need to do to maximize your odds of winning that contract.

Learn how WinOptix can help you win more contracts, save time and money, and grow your business.

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